Sage Construction Estimating Software

Put Your Best Bid Forward

Sage Construction Estimating Software

Put Your Best Bid Forward

Make Every Bid a Winner

Sage Construction Estimating Software

When you’re up against razor-thin margins, tight schedules and other construction firms trying to come out ahead of your business, you have to put your best bid forward if you want to survive. To win more work and ensure the profitability of every project, you need a construction estimating software that builds estimates with more speed and accuracy than ever before. That’s where Sage Estimating comes in.

Only Sage Estimating provides you with a completely integrated solution …

that automates and streamlines the entire estimating process. With Sage Construction Estimating software, you have the tools needed to automate “what-if’s” and pricing adjustments, as well as conceptual estimating. By eliminating redundant data-entry and error-prone processes, Sage Estimating helps projects run efficiently from initial estimate to project completion. As your requirements evolve and your business grows, Sage Construction Estimating software adapts along with you while giving you high confidence in your numbers and in your ability to create winning estimates.

Is Sage Estimating right for your business?

How Does Sage Construction Estimating Software Help?

Builds Bids Quicker

Time is money – even more so in the construction industry. Sage Estimating eliminates the drudgery from complex calculations and redundant estimating tasks, slashing takeoff time by 50 percent or more compared to manual or generic spreadsheet methods. Key features that help you build bids quicker include Smart Assemblies, trade-specific databases, multiple takeoff methods, built-in report writing capabilities, Microsoft SQL Server database and an estimating management console.

Provides Unmatched Precision

The entire fate of every project depends on the estimate, and any inaccuracies can cost you your profitability and reputation. With pre-built trade databases, standardized estimating tools and processes, bid worksheets and Smart Assemblies, Sage Estimating ensures precise calculations and costs across all aspects of the bid including labor, supplies, subcontractor bids, materials and more. Plus, automation from Sage Estimating helps eliminate costly errors such as mistyped values, formulas deleted by mistake and misplaced decimals.

Connects Your Entire Business

Sage Estimating integrates with other Sage business management software such as Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate to improve data sharing and project collaboration across your organization. Once a bid is accepted, all the right data flows to accounting and job cost automatically. This enables you to eliminate redundant data entry, speed-up project transition, make collaboration and communication easier, enhance bid accuracy and improve decision making.