Sage Construction Project Center

Online Collaboration at its Finest

Sage Construction Project Center

Online Collaboration at its Finest

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Sage Project Management Software

The key to projects moving forward on time and on budget is giving project team members the ability to collaborate in real time throughout all phases of construction. Sage Construction Project Center keeps everyone on the project on the same page with timely, convenient and secure access to the project-related details they need to take action swiftly and confidently.

Sage project management software helps your team…

reduce risk and drive efficiencies by automating the sharing, distribution and tracking of all project-related details including email communication, documents, approvals and more. Available anytime, anywhere, cloud-based sharing allows your team to share files, manage workflows, track activities and improve collaboration across multiple tasks from any location using a centralized online hub. Whether it’s a request from the field, an RFI from a subcontractor or approval from the owner, Sage Construction Project Center automatically updates everyone and minimizes the risk of litigation with detailed document management, control and tracking.

Is Sage Construction Project Center right for your business?

How Does Sage Construction Project Center Help?

Enhances Collaboration

Timely communication and collaboration is the lifeline to any project. With the help of Sage Construction Project Center, you can keep everyone involved informed efficiently and effectively. By automating the process for accessing, sharing and tracking information online throughout the project, your entire team becomes more organized, efficient and well-informed, keeping your plans on schedule and on budget.

Increases Mobility

Your team’s productivity and efficiency shouldn’t be tied to one location. The Sage Project Center mobile app gives them the ability to view and capture daily reports and photos from anywhere, any time. By using their iOS device, project members can create, share and edit daily reports in a simple, efficient and secure manner. Plus, they can even work offline, and the Sage Project Center mobile app will update automatically as soon as they regain connectivity.

Improves Cost Tracking

Sage Construction Project Center and Sage 300 work effortlessly together to share companies, contacts, vendors, commitments and more. You can view job-to-date costs and budgets by accessing the online project management tools through any web-enabled device, and your team only has to enter information, such as change orders, once. With Sage Construction Project Center, there’s no need to re-key accounting and project management information.