Acumatica Construction Edition (ACE) development continues at a rapid pace. Substantiated Billing is a new feature Acumatica Construction Edition users may want to use.

What is Substantiated Billing?
In the construction industry, when contractors bill their customers, the customers may want to see proof of the costs. In this case, contractors need to provide supporting documentation along with the customer statement or invoice.

Acumatica ERP Construction Edition now allows emailing of a substantiated billing report for a specific billing period to retrieve costs and scanned or uploaded images associated with the costs. The substantiated billing report provides a list of costs from payable invoices, labor, and other project expenses, in addition to hyperlinks to attached documents.

For example, if a payable invoice has a scanned image of the vendor invoice attached, a hyperlink to that image is included in the substantiated billing report. A user can see the image by selecting the hyperlink and entering guest credentials into the Acumatica ERP sign-in page. As a result, the user does not need to download, compress, and send large file attachments.

Supported Billing Types
The functionality supports the following types of project billing:

  • Progress billing
  • Time and Material billing
  • Cost Plus billing

System Configuration to Use the Substantiated Billing Report
To be able to use the Substantiated Billing report (shown in the screenshot below), perform the following steps:

  1. Verify the Construction Reporting package (ex. or higher is published.
  2. On the Attributes (CS205000) form, create an attribute with the following settings:
    • Attribute ID: APPID
    • Description: Application Link
    • Control Type: Text
    • Reg. Exp.: Enter the URL of the site from which the hyperlinks will launch. Make sure to include the forward slash at the end of the URL, for example, or
  3. In the Substantiated Billing report, (Construction>Reports>Substantiated Billing) enter the project and the billing period range from which costs should be listed.

If you are interested in working with a consultant to assist with setting this up, please email to set up a ticket.

Posted 7/12/2019