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eTakeoff - Construction Takeoff Software

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eTakeoff - Construction Takeoff  Software

Save money and your team's time with eTakeoff Dimension, an electronic quantity takeoff solution that significantly increases accuracy, productivity, and speed over traditional paper or manual takeoff methods. This feature rich solution can be used to produce quick, accurate quantity takeoffs across any construction trade.

eTakeoff  provides you with a fully featured digital takeoff solution…

that saves money and your team’s time. In addition to increasing your takeoff productivity, moving from paper to digital takeoff methods eliminates the hassle and cost of producing paper copies of plans during the bid phase. As a single copy of plans can cost hundreds of dollars to reproduce, you can quickly realize substantial cost savings when producing numerous bids. And digital plans allow for easy sharing and reviewing of all takeoff projects online rather than waiting for paper to circulate among your team.

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How Does eTakeoff  Digital Takoeff Software Help?

Faster Takeoff

Time is money – even more so in the construction industry. With Sage eTakeoff, you can complete takeoffs up to 15 times faster than when using paper or manual takeoff methods. This gives you more time to analyze estimates and take on additional bids without increasing staffing. Integrate with Sage Estimating with the eTakeoff Bridge.

Provides Unmatched Precision

Measure to within thousandths of an inch to take any guesstimating out of your bids. Easily highligth what you've already taken off to avoid potential mistakes and unforeseen project costs due to omissions.

Connects Your Entire Business

Sage eTakeoff integrates with other construction software solutions such as Sage Estimating and AutoDesk Navisworks. This enables you to eliminate redundant data entry, make collaboration and communication easier, enhance bid accuracy and improve decision making.