Total Visibility + Complete Control = Increased Profitability

Sage 100 Contractor

Like any business owner, your goal is to take your organization to new heights of success. But as you grow, it gets harder to stay on top of all the moving pieces required to lead your company effectively. You need an integrated software that provides better visibility and control over estimating, production, project management, accounting and reporting. Your all-in-one solution? Sage 100 Contractor.

Your customizable dashboard…

provides a single-screen view of all the business metrics that matter to you most. Sage 100 Contractor links together all the phases of your profit cycle, making accurate estimates a seamless build. Additionally, Sage 100 Contractor offers more features like email alerts, instant access to project profitability and status details, so that you’ll have everything you need to keep your jobs on schedule and within budget. With access to the visibility you need to make timely decisions, each opportunity you pursue will build and strengthen your business. Let’s put your best bid forward.

Is Sage 100 Contractor right for your business?

Provides Better Visibility

Estimates, schedules, job costs – Sage 100 Contractor’s customizable dashboard allows you to manage virtually any aspect of your business with ease. With over 1,200 reports available, you have instant access to the information you need as well as details behind the numbers, giving you an understanding of what might require your involvement. You’ll even be alerted by email when issues you specify occur so that you can take action and stop problems in their tracks.

Simplifies Running the Office

Sage 100 Contractor helps you stay on top of complex construction issues by connecting all finance and project data across your company. Whether it’s certified payroll, AIA billing or lien waivers, you can manage them all with one powerful tool. Plus, field staff can enter employee work time each day through any mobile device to eliminate late or inaccurate entries and help you speed up the billing process, so you get paid faster.

Protects Your Profitability

Good business decisions require access to the right information at the right time. From bidding jobs accurately the first time to managing each phase easily and efficiently, Sage 100 Contractor protects your bottom line by giving you complete visibility to ensure projects are profitable from the initial estimate through project completion.

See Why Contractors Choose Sage 100 Contractor.
See Why Contractors Choose Sage 100 Contractor.