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Build Your Business in the Cloud

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Acumatica Construction Edition

Many construction businesses today are automated, but have disconnected business functions including accounting, customer management, sales order processing, business intelligence, reporting, and more. These disconnected solutions result in duplicate data entry requiring unnecessary time and introducing errors, islands of automation with information not shared across departments that need access to it and multiple versions of the truth driving incorrect information across the business. If this sounds like your business, it’s time to move to a modern cloud construction system. Integrate your disconnected applications to create one connected business.

Your Solution? Acumatica Construction Edition.

Acumatica is the leading innovator in cloud financial systems and offers a full-featured construction accounting software that helps you improve margins and manage control at all stages of your projects. This cloud construction accounting software gives you real-time visibility wherever you’re building. Check dashboards for revenue, costs and commitments, and equip staff and subcontractors with secure, private apps for sub-job needs, changes, time entry and electronic signatures – all on mobile devices and tablets.

Keep your business growing – and in check – with Acumatica software.

Is Acumatica software right for your business?
Is Acumatica software right for your business?

Manage Your Financials in a Cloud-Based Environment

One of the most important things you should expect from a software solution is protection for your bottom line. Acumatica Construction Edition allows you to forecast and manage costs, payroll, overheads, profits, cash and taxes accurately by using revenue balance, percentage completed and completed contract accounting with multiple entities, currencies and languages. Plus, budgets directly link to contracts, accounting and the project plan for managing hard and soft costs, change orders, profits, overheads and fees in real time to avoid lost profit…all in a cloud-based environment.

Refines Project Management

To keep projects on time and on budget, project management has to be seamless. Acumatica helps you manage projects, costs and company-wide capacity with a solution that links opportunities, contracts, schedules, budgets, change orders, subcontracts and compliance from one screen. When all team members have a single source of the right information in one location, decisions are made more efficiently and effectively. Your dashboard includes a complete view of the project details and instantly updates the management team with any changes from the customer or the field.

Grows Your Business

You have one goal – grow your business to new heights of success. But, it can be hard to get there when you have multiple disconnected solutions. With Acumatica’s Customer Relationship Management applications, you can quickly review project status’, contracts, materials, changes and warranty details using mobile devices and tablets to keep customers satisfied, management up-to-date and your reputation intact.

Why are Businesses are Upgrading to Acumatica Construction Edition? Complete the form below to find out!
Why are Businesses are Upgrading to Acumatica Construction Edition? Complete the form below to find out!

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