Success Video - Pinnacle/CSG and Sage Estimating

How long does it take you to adjust an estimate (with 100% accuracy) when you are asked, "How much more would it cost to make the walls 10 feet tall instead of 8 feet tall?" Sage Estimating users answer "Seconds".

That is just one competitive advantage that Sage Estimating users like Pinnacle/CSG have when competing on bids. Below is a success video about Pinnacle/CSG how Sage Estimating helps them to bid more and win more bids. The turn-around time to create an estimate is days, not weeks.

Pinnacle/CSG is a client of Alliance Solutions Group. Contact us at 888-559-9540 to discuss how your business can be more competitive with Sage Estimating.

Automatic Alerts and Excel Integration for Sage 300 Construction Software

No matter what construction software you are using, you are probably looking for ways to be more productive and organized.  Here are a couple tools that Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate software users have had available to them for a while: MyAssistant and OfficeConnector.

The MyAssistant module for Sage proactively monitors pretty much any information in the Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate you want it to and alerts you (and/or anyone you want) about issues needing attention and the information to take action. Here's just the tip of the iceberg on what MyAssistant can do:

  • Provides each project manager with a list of cost codes that are over budget (or close to going over)
  • Alerting affected parties when a change request, RFI, or submittal is overdue
  • Indicating jobs or contracts not billed in certain number of days
  • Generating and distributing each project managers' job reports on a regular schedule

If you like to work with Excel, check out OfficeConnector for Sage. It allows you to seemlessly work with Sage 300 data in real time via Excel. Quickly save reports and workbooks for you to send to others and more.

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Here's a short clip on how one of our clients benefits from MyAssistant and OfficeConnector.

Success Video - Pinnacle CSG and Sage 300 Construction

Check out how one of our clients uses technology as a competitive advantage, all built around Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate.

“Sage 300 is considered best-of-breed. It has won multiple awards, and true industry leaders use it,” says Cory McFarlane, chief visionary at Pinnacle/CSG. “And Sage stands behind the product. The support we receive is excellent. Notice that I didn’t say average. I said excellent.”

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