Let's Talk about HR for Construction

Sage HRMS is a software system to maximize your return on employee investment.  It can be used as a stand alone system, or can integrate with the Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate payroll module. This solution allows you to have complete employee records in one centralized location while tracking the complete employee life-cycle.

Quick access to compensation, benefits, time-off management, powerful reporting, easy report writing, and much more.

See how Sage HRMS can help your construction and real estate business in this webinar recorded in March, 2018.

Construction in the Cloud

90-cloudCloud solutions have been somewhat available for a while for construction industry businesses, but what's the cause of the boom in new solutions? In the past couple of years, more solutions have been released than all prior years.

Why are more new cloud solutions available for construction businesses?

Society in general has transformed into an "I want it now" culture. No matter what industry you are in, you are still part of society. There's nothing wrong with wanting information now; and now you can. There's a reason with there are over 1.4 million apps available for smart phones.

There are easy ways to access information in the cloud. High internet speeds, better internet coverage, wifi, smart phones and tablet PCs combined are also driving the cloud.

There are more mobile employees. Cloud solutions allow them to work from anywhere and not limited to a desktop computer at the office.

There's a possibility of eliminating local server costs and the extras that come along with them such as back up systems, appropriately cooled location in your office, downtime, security, and extra IT costs.

Comfort level of storing and accessing data that is not local due to better security at offsite locations.

Many construction cloud solutions are SaaS based (pay-as-you-go) or a hybrid on some installed software with a variety of add-ons.

In summary, there are more reasons why the cloud is becoming more popular with contractors. It's time to think outside the (server) box on how your company can take advantage of cloud solutions.

If you'd like to learn more about cloud solutions for the construction industry, please contact Alliance Solutions Group at 888-559-9540.



Sage 300 CRE Payroll and Sage HRMS Integration

Construction and real estate payroll can be complicated. It's a good thing that Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate is up to the task. But what if you want a complete human resource solution to track and manage functions other than payroll? That's where Sage HRMS comes in to play.

Sage HRMS is a complete human resource solution that helps you to manage all aspects that HR Management needs and more. In the video below, you'll see how Sage HRMS and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate work together to move payroll information from Sage 300 CRE Payroll to Sage HRMS.

Contact Alliance Solutions Group to learn more about Sage 300 CRE Payroll and Sage HRMS Integration.

Presented by Kelly Jo Drllevich, Sage HRMS Solutions Architect


MyWorkforceAnalyzer for Sage HRMS

Employers have many questions revolving around the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Users of Sage HRMS can get help from MyWorkforceAnalyzer.

MyWorkforceAnalyzer is a tool that mines the data that Sage HRMS users have already been collecting. In turn, this data can be used to determine:

  • Do you qualify as a large company
  • Should they offer coverage or take the penalty
  • Determine part-time v. full-time employees
  • And more...

Check out this short overview of MyWorkforceAnalyzer by Sage.

Benefits of Sage HRMS for Sage 300 CRE

Any business with employees needs to have some type of human resource system in place. Construction and real businesses are no exception. This webinar below is an overview of how Sage HRMS (formerly Abra) can benefit users of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly Timberline). The benefits include:

  • Employment Record Tracking
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Benefits Management
  • Time Off Management
  • Workforce Analysis and Reporting

Contact Alliance Solutions Group to learn more about Sage HRMS.  (recorded April 23, 2014)

Why Construction Industry Companies are Amazing - Infographic

It is amazing that construction industry companies can build solid structures that last for centuries. The amount of information that is shared, from initial concept to design and plans to breaking ground and making it happen. The "making it happen" part is especially amazing when buildings go up in seemingly tight quarters in such a short timeframes.

There are some big construction plans in downtown Miami and Brickell in 2014 and beyond. Check out what the new skyline could look like. (click the image to enlarge)


Infographic provided by the Florida construction law experts at www.thelienzone.com

Many of these buildings have been built by companies using Sage Construction software. Contact Alliance Solutions Group to learn more about software for construction and real estate industries.

How Healthcare Reform Might Affect Your Business

Want to understand healthcare reform and how it might affect your business? Learn about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the solutions available from Sage at www.sagecanhelp.com. There is information here to help you make the right decisions to ensure your compliance.

Sage has put together a team of compliance experts to help you make sense of the vast amount of information that’s out there. They have also put together some useful resources for you on on their website and given you access to a play-or-pay calculator you can use to see how healthcare reform might affect your business.

There aren't a lot of employees who will sit down and do the research on how they will be affected. They'll look to their HR department for help and this is a great place for your organization to stay up to speed. The most recent news was the delay of the employer mandate portion. This gives you additional time to get ready.