Accelerate your estimating process - 8 minute overview

In 8 minutes, see how two-way integration between eTakeoff Dimension and eTakeoff Bridge greatly speeds takeoff time, while enabling estimators to work with 2D and 3D drawings for accurate estimates in Sage Estimating.

Did you know that with eTakeoff, you can have multiple estimators working on the same drawings at same time?

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Video courtesy of Sage - Aug, 2018

Sage Estimating SQL v18.11 Released

Sage just announced the release of Sage Estimating SQL v18.11 with increased functionality and new features for Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Estimating customers.

New Features

Unlimited Spreadsheet Sequences
Spreadsheet Sequences allow users to group items in a variety of ways on the Estimate spreadsheet. Now, estimators can have an unlimited number of Sequences allowing them to rearrange and analyze their estimate however they choose. View the estimate by CSI division & section, Master Format, Assembly, Estimator, Location, Job Cost Phase, WBS and more.

Shared Layouts
Spreadsheet and report layouts are no longer specific to individual Sequences and are universally available company wide. Estimators save valuable time because they don’t need to re-create the same Layout multiple times and can also share Layouts with other Estimators.

Unit Conversion
This feature replaces Metricon from the Pervasive version of Estimating. Users can now see both Imperial and Metric units on the same item in the estimate. Item and overline quantities/productivities and other changes are dynamically updated in both units simultaneously.

Quick Launch of Eos Navigator
This gives estimators extended options to manage estimate portfolios.
And Much More… including merge estimate refinements, additional spreadsheet columns, improved database developer tools, and continued ribbon enhancements.

For current Sage Estimating users, be sure to review the Release Notes before installing.

Sage Estimating Core - Put your best estimate forward

In today's competitive construction estimating environment, estimates need to be built with more precision and speed than ever before. Sage Estimating Core helps construction businesses succeed by:

  • Slashing takeoff time by 50% or more compared to generic spreadsheet methods
  • Eliminating generic spreadsheet liabilities associated with hidden cells and broken formulas
  • Providing the features to allow you to easily share, analyze and refine your estimates
  • Integrating with top takeoff software to take off quantities directly from 2D electronic plans, even 3D models
  • Generating professional proposals quickly and easily

If you are ready to improve your estimating, please call Alliance Solutions Group at 888.559.9540 or request more information and we will be in touch. Below is a detailed introduction to Sage Estimating Core (recorded April, 2018).

Upgrading from Sage Estimating Pervasive to Sage Estimating SQL

If you have a strong command of Sage Estimating and are preparing to move to the SQL version of Estimating, Sage has a complimentary anytime learning package for customers on a current Sage Business Care plan.

Learn about the requirements for upgrading your existing Pervasive version of Sage Estimating to Sage Estimating SQL. In addition, you will learn how to use the Estimating Management Console to migrate and manage your data. This is a company-wide subscription for which anyone in your organization can register.

After participating in this training, you will be able to:

  • Identify requirements and essential preliminary steps to upgrade to Sage Estimating (SQL).
  • Upgrade and configure Sage Estimating (SQL).
  • Utilize the Estimating Management Console to migrate existing Pervasive data to SQL Server.
  • Use additional Estimating Management Console features.

This free subscription is available from

Announcing Sage Estimating (SQL) v17.12

Sage Estimating enhancements continue.  In the latest release of Sage Estimating SQL v17.12, the following new features have been added:

• Expanded Copy Assembly functionality
• Automatic overline quantity calculation
• New, modernized selection windows
• Extended data connector functionality
• Synchronization with source lists
• Spreadsheet enhancements
• Improved Report Manager
• Expanded field widths
• Refined license administration
• Security changes
• A number of miscellaneous improvements

For detailed information about the new features and fixes  in this release, see the Sage Estimating (SQL) v17.12 Release Notes.

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Takeoff 50% Faster with eTakeoff

Digital takeoff can reduce your takeoff time by as much as 50% when compared to using paper or manual methods. eTakeoff offers the most advanced takeoff functionality on the market including taking off directly from pdf files. Check it out in this detailed video below.

Recorded August, 2017

Sage Estimating SQL v17.11 Overview

In this webinar recorded on August 2nd, 2017, you'll see the many features of Sage Estimating and seamlessly integration solutions including eTakeoff, BIM integration, and more. Sage continues to build out the Sage Estimating solution to give you the capabilities and flexibility to be efficient and accurate.

Sage Estimating SQL v17.11 - Review for Current Estimating Customers

This information is designed for current Sage Estimating Standard and Sage Estimating Extended users. In 27 minutes, we review the new functionality in Sage Estimating Core and Sage Estimating Core Plus.

Recorded on 7/25/2017

Release of Sage Estimating version 17.11

What’s new in this version? Version 17.11 includes many exciting changes, including the following new features:

  • Modularization provides product packaging that gives customers choice, scale and flexibility based on functional need and complexity.
  • Alternates give estimators the ability to filter and present estimates based upon the various ‘options’ that might be included in or excluded from the final approved project scope.
  • Integration with Sage 100 Contractor (SQL).
  • Data Connector delivers additional capabilities, enhancing Excel integration that allows estimators to quickly import or export Alternates or WBS values, and enables sharing of common WBS libraries and pre-fill of WBS lists.
  • Several usability improvements, including reorganized ribbon icons and shortcut commands for the spreadsheet.
  • Additional database and estimate reports.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Virtualized Licensing - goodbye physical USB license manager.

Note: When migrating to v17.11, your license will be converted automatically to:

  • Core, if you are a Standard Estimating user.
  • Core Plus, if you are an Extended Estimating (Pervasive) user. (Existing SQL Estimating users will also be converted to Core Plus.)Standard Estimating users will not only benefit from new features, but can easily add supplemental, feature specific modules. For details about the new licenses, see the New Feature Comparison Matrix. For information about all versions, Installation and Administration Guides, and more, check out the Sage Estimating Technical Documents.

Please contact Alliance Solutions Group or Sage for more information.

Navisworks Integrator Now Available for Sage Estimating/eTakeoff

Navisworks Integrator is an add-on for eTakeoff Bridge that enables Estimators to provide seamless integration between Autodesk Navisworks and Sage Estimating.

This means that Estimators can now use the familiar ‘drag & drop’ functionality provided by eTakeoff Bridge to automate the transfer of quantities and measurements from Navisworks 3D Models directly into Sage estimates!

Navisworks Integrator allows estimators to:

  • Speed up Takeoff from Models
    • Simply drag & drop Navisworks objects onto applicable Sage Estimating Items and Assemblies in eTakeoff Bridge.
  • Easily Map Objects into your Sage Estimating Structure
    • Quickly map Object Attributes from Navisworks to variables in your Sage Estimating Items and Assemblies. And, eTakeoff
      remembers the mapping created. This will increase the speed of takeoff significantly by automatically finding mapped objects, generating quantities, and sending them to the estimate.
  • Calculate Quantities with a Click of the Button
    • Item quantities are generated and seamlessly sent to build your estimate in Sage Estimating.
  • Drill Down
    • You can always “drill” back to the originating takeoff object from within Sage Estimating. Bridge will identify the source as 2D or BIM and display the takeoff object that originated the estimate quantity.
  • Compare Models
    • Bridge will automatically compare Model revisions with the existing model and can automatically detect all changes to the model and revise the estimate accordingly.
  • Perform BIM +2D Takeoff
    • Switch instantly between eTakeoff Dimension 2D takeoff and Navisworks 3D takeoff while feeding the same Sage Estimate.
  • Leverage One Interface
    • Estimators can be trained more quickly since they only need to learn one common integration interface for both 2D and 3D takeoff… eTakeoff Bridge!
  • View Audit Trail
    • The Sage Audit Trail will display a timeline of all takeoff changes as the project progresses.

Requirements for Navisworks Integrator (including Bridge update):

  • The eTakeoff Navisworks Integrator is compatible with Autodesk Navisworks Manage and Simulate (2016 & 2017).
  • You must upgrade your copy of eTakeoff Bridge to version (or later).
  • If you are using eTakeoff Dimension 2D takeoff, you must upgrade to version 5.5-39 (or later).
  • This version of Bridge is compatible with Sage Estimating SQL 16.11.16263.201 & Pervasive 16.1 REV 5 + Hotfix 3.

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