Sage 100 Contractor 2018 v21.1 Release

The release of Sage 100 Contractor 2018 v21.1 has begun to select customers. The plan is to roll it out to the balance of customers on support on June 21, 2018. Because of changes to entitlement, the notice includes the customer's Client ID and Registration name (needed after they install version 21).

What’s new in this version? Here are some highlights of version 21.1:

  • You can download transaction records from your bank and let Sage 100 Contractor automatically match them with transactions entered in your Sage 100 Contractor system.
  • You can search an entire takeoff, including multiple grids, as well as the displayed bid item and phase in the 9-5 Jobs window.
  • Sage implemented 17 of the product ideas suggested by customers on the Sage 100 Contractor Ideas site. (See “We’ve been listening to you!” in the Release Notes for a list of these enhancements.)  Also in the release notes are additional enhancements and fixes.

To view the highlights of this version in a short video, visit

For version 21, you must re-enter your Sage client ID and registration name in the License Administration window exactly as they appear in this notice.

Questions? Contact your Sage business partner, visit Sage City to join product discussions, search articles in the Sage Knowledgebase, or chat with an expert.

Sage 100 Contractor for General Contractors

In this recorded demonstration of Sage 100 Contractor, we walk through the typical workflow of a general contractor in the software:

  • Setting up a job
  • Issuing a budget
  • Tracking POs and subcontracts
  • Managing change orders and billing
  • Viewing the job cost report

With Sage 100 Contractor software, you get an easy-to-use integrated construction software program designed for construction businesses. Contact Alliance Solutions Group to learn more at 888.559.9540.

Recorded May, 2018

Remote Payroll with hh2 Cloud Services

hh2 Cloud Services has a portfolio of solutions designed for Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate.  hh2 Remote Payroll and hh2 Field Reports solutions for Sage Construction software allow users to:

  • Enter Time
    • Select a field that is setup for your pay id's and enter your hours. It is that simple. hh2 Remote Payroll supports customizable options that allow you to enter time whether you are online or not with iPad, iPhone, and Android apps.
  • Approve Time
    • Create and roll out customized approval paths for your payroll groups. hh² Remote Payroll supports virtually every option available with multiple approval levels, report viewers, passive approval, and a multitude of additional options. Create Unique approval processes to fit your unique needs.
  • Run Reports
    • Reports that detail the time being coded on your jobsites are available in an instant. Labor detail reports can be created for viewing in our system, exported to PDF, or exported to excel for further analysis.

See how hh2 Remote Payroll and hh2 Field Reports works in this video recorded in January, 2018.

Sage 100 Contractor for GCs - Extending to the Field

This video reviews Sage 100 Contractor users from a general contractors point of view utilizing Sage Service Operations. We show how information is extended to the field and back to the office to save time, reduce paperwork, and streamline business processes.

  • Cloud-based Project, Equipment, Subcontractor scheduling
  • View budget items and schedule on the fly
  • Allow field personnel to self serve and automatically push that data to the back office
  • Add attachments of sites or receipts to track everything on a job
  • Capture and submit field report information
  • Collect time from the field and send to payroll
  • Change order management in the field
  • ...and more!

Sage 100 Contractor is fully integrated solution designed for construction businesses from bottom to top. Contact Alliance Solutions Group to learn more!

Recorded November, 2017

Automatic AP Invoice Routing and Approval for Sage 100 Contractor and More

Make it easy to manage construction documents and automate AP invoice processing with TimberScan 100 all while staying connected to your Sage 100 Contractor system. Content management and invoice routing is made simple using a browser-based application that’s user friendly and ready-to-go. With TimberScan 100, your construction business can:

  • Automate AP invoice approvals with precision routing rules
  • Gain tighter control of document management
  • Get a simple, real-time status view of invoices and documents
  • Enjoy a single point of entry for data – no need to rekey information
  • Customize workflows, security, and more!

Recorded 11-8-17

Sage 100 Contractor for Service and Specialty Contractors

Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Services Operations integrate together to create a solution for specialty and service contractors. Technicians in the field access use mobile devices with an internet connection to access information for each job and also send information back into Sage 100 Contractor. This recording is an overview of how Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Service Operations combine to create a very powerful solution for today's service contractors.

Recorded 11-7-17

Top 5 Reasons Construction Businesses Choose Sage 100 Contractor Software

Chances are that the functionality you want in your construction software is already established in the Sage 100 Contractor.

In the following recording in October of 2017, we show just some of the functionality that Sage 100 Contractor 2017 has to offer that contractors want in their construction software:

  • Integrated Accounting, Project Management, Operations, and Estimating in one system
  • Subcontractor Compliance Management
  • Easy-to-use Interface with Drill Down Reporting
  • Seamless Change Order Management
  • 100's of Pre-Built Reports

Contact Alliance Solutions Group to learn more at 888.559.9540 or click here to request more information.

New User Interface for Sage Construction Project Center

See the new user interface for Sage Construction Project Center (SCPC) and more in this introduction video. Collaborative online on your projects with all stakeholders, both internal and external.  SCPC is a brower-based project management solution that integrates with Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate, Sage 100 Contractor, or can be utilized as a stand-alone project management solution. When projects are completed, deliver all the project files in one tidy file.  Watch to learn more.

Recorded August, 2017

I’ve Received a Claim on my Payment or Performance Bond! Now What?

Join Alex Barthet and Warren Alter for 20 minutes as they provide the steps to review claims on your payment or performance bond...

  • What is a payment and performance bond?
  • What is the first notice I will likely receive when a claim is made?
  • What steps should I take once the claim is made?

Watch the video below or contact the presenters directly for more information. Video complements of Alter Surety Group IncThe Barthet Firm, and Sunray Construction Solutions in June, 2017.

What's New in Sage 100 Contractor 2017 v20.5

What’s new in Sage 100 Contractor v20.5

Version 20.5 is an exciting release, containing a wide array of improvements and enhancements, many of which customers specifically requested. For example, in this version, you can:

  • Create an unlimited number of custom fields in most windows
  • Use more characters in over 500 existing fields
  • Tag rows (for follow‐up) in the 9‐5 Takeoffs grid
  • Correct the period of a posted payroll transaction
  • Filter cost codes by Job and Phase in lookup windows
  • Filter unassigned work orders by date range on the Dispatch Board
  • Use a new standard calendar to select dates
  • Take advantage of automatic calculation in numeric fields