New features contained in this release include:

Added the ability to select Branch Suppliers in Scheduling and send scheduling notifications to the scheduling contacts listed for the Branch.

Trade Supplier Assignment
The ability to copy Trade Suppliers from one Area to another has been added to the Trade Supplier Assignment screen. The Trade Supplier assignments will be copied provided the Supplier exists in the accounting database that is assigned to the Division of the destination Area.

In the Purchasing Activities screen, when assigning a scheduling activity linked to a purchasing activity, now only scheduling activities that belong to the current division or the company default division appear in the drop-down list. The scheduling activities for all divisions were included in this list previously. Any Scheduling Activities currently assigned to Purchasing activities in other divisions won’t be impacted by this change, but they won’t be available to be selected any longer.

Bid Management: When exporting Bids to Excel or CSV format, the Bid Request now always exports items in Phase Code/Item sequence, regardless of the current sort of the columns in the Bid Request screen.

Superintendent Portal
Added the ability to post a scheduling activity note to the supplier. Builder now has a choice of adding an Internal Note and/or Note to Supplier via the Schedule-Job tab’s Activity hyperlink. The Schedule-Job grid indicates whether the activity has a Note to Supplier or not, and the Note to Supplier also appears in the Schedule-Supplier grid.

Trade Portal
Added “Note” column to schedule grids in Schedule View and Schedule by Job tabs. This is a scheduling activity note from the builder to the supplier.

VPO Standard Process
Added new input options to the “Select Division and Area” sections. This allows the user to enter/select a specific job address as an alternative to selecting the Division and Area.

Added “Allow Remember Me” option to project properties, configurable during product installation. If this is disabled, it will automatically remove any existing cookies when the user next logs in. The Remember Me checkbox on the login form is shown or hidden based on this property (True/False).

The “Use Individual Thresholds” property can be configured so that the requestor’s approval limit can be enabled/disabled (True/False) during product installation. When enabled, the system will go through a two-step verification-firstthe requestor’s threshold and then the global threshold.

Sage CRE 300 Integration
Sage 300 CRE version 13.1 Rev 4 Update 4 compatibility

Purchasing – PO Pending Approval Report with prompt (BMT). This report is the same as the PO Pending Approval report which runs as a workflow report in Approve POs for Payment. However this report can be run from the Reports menu and prompts to print by either Supplier or Job.

Sales Pricing
Models and Options by Community: This screen now supports the ‘Global’ scope on Models which have been flagged in Manage Master Models and Options. These ‘Global’ Models no longer display in the Manage Community Models and Options Screen, allowing the screen to load much faster, especially when multiple ‘Global’ Models are used.

Models and Options by Community: Improved the performance of selecting an assembly in Assembly Takeoff when there are Models assigned to Communities in the Models and Options By Community screen.

And Much More… For additional information on added functionality and enhancements, please read the release notes.

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