Sage Estimating Core Plus Overview

The following video is an overview of  Sage Estimating Core Plus v.18. You'll see the basics of how to create and estimate, the concepts involved, capture of key information, and more. Please contact us for more information on estimating and digital takeoff solutions.

Originally recorded in July 2019.

Automatic AP Invoice Routing and Approval for Sage 100 Contractor and More

Make it easy to manage construction documents and automate AP invoice processing with TimberScan 100 all while staying connected to your Sage 100 Contractor system. Content management and invoice routing is made simple using a browser-based application that’s user friendly and ready-to-go. With TimberScan 100, your construction business can:

  • Automate AP invoice approvals with precision routing rules
  • Gain tighter control of document management
  • Get a simple, real-time status view of invoices and documents
  • Enjoy a single point of entry for data – no need to rekey information
  • Customize workflows, security, and more!

Recorded 7-18-19

TimberScan for Sage 300 CRE - Automate AP Invoice Routing and More

TimberScan (T300) is an Enterprise Workflow Automation System designed for Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate.

  • AP Routing & Approval Automation
  • Full Enterprise Content Management
  • OCR Capabilities
  • Mobile Approval of AP Invoices

Below is an hour long video that takes a deep dive into how TimberScan works and helps Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate users.

Recorded April, 2019

4 Reasons to Customize Construction Project Management Software

Project management software is essential for construction projects to succeed. Finding a tool that meets your needs easily and efficiently can make all the difference between successful growth and serious repercussions for your business.


Built-In Roadblocks

When you purchase an off-the-shelf solution, you’re running the risk that your team will be forced to work around roadblocks they’re likely to face. The application might be bloated with tools your team will never use. Or you might be facing lost time because simple tasks take too many steps to complete. Collaboration could suffer, and your project managers might not be getting what they need from the tools.

Every roadblock you face makes your company less productive than those competitors who don't have to deal with them. You need to do what they've already done: customize and integrate.

Customized and Integrated

If off-the-shelf project management software creates roadblocks, then properly customized and integrated construction project management software is like a sleek, agile bulldozer, clearing away roadblocks so your team can collaborate, share and succeed in the shortest time possible.

The right partner will evaluate your company's needs and then customize and integrate your software to:

  1. Be easy for project managers to use
  2. Work seamlessly with other departments
  3. Allow teams to collaborate and share from any location at any time on any device
  4. Provide you with exactly what you need

The result is increased productivity that converts your project management costs from being an expense to an investment. The ROI is the boost in productivity your business enjoys, saving you time and money and allowing you to do more.

Why Alliance?

Alliance Solutions Group understands the specific needs of construction projects, including the project management concerns for everything from residential and commercial to institutional and environmental construction. We can help you customize your project management solution to make sure your objectives and timelines are met, your resources are used efficiently and your communication is as clear and productive as possible. With a fully customized solution implemented, you’ll see immediate benefits in workflow, output and productivity that make it clear you’re on the right track.

We offer proven solutions from the most popular construction software developers, including Sage and Acumatica. We've been implementing customized solutions for the construction industry since 2005. If you need a partner to help you select, customize and integrate a construction project management software solution that helps your company grow, call Alliance first.

4 Ways Acumatica Connects Your Entire Construction Business

The cloud is a crucial part of today’s construction industry. While many construction businesses are using automation, they suffer from disconnected business functions that work against them. And, with just 25 percent of projects coming within 10 percent of their original deadlines in the past three years (according to PlanGrid), it’s critical for your software solution to connect all aspects of your business and keep your projects on time and budget.

Acumatica Construction Edition is a full-featured web-based construction accounting software that puts all project related information you need on one page. The platform itself is very powerful and allows for new functionality to be added at a rapid pace. At the recently held Acumatica Summit that has doubled in size each year, there was much excitement. This solution is here to stay. Acumatica’s construction-specific solution also:

Provides Real-Time Visibility

If you want to keep projects on time and on budget, project management must be seamless. When all team members across all departments have a single source of information in one location, decision-making is more efficient. Acumatica Construction Edition provides users with a dashboard that includes a complete view of project details and instantly updates management with any changes from the customer or the field.

Keeps Finances in Check

It can be easy to get lost in the numbers when you’re running multiple construction projects. Let your software solution focus on protecting your bottom line. Acumatica Construction Edition allows you to forecast and manage costs, payroll, overheads, profits, cash and taxes accurately by using revenue balance, percentage completed and completed contract accounting with multiple entities, currencies and languages – all in a cloud-based environment.

Enables On-The-Go Productivity

To stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape, you have to be able to access critical, up-to-date project information outside of the office. Acumatica Construction Edition makes this easier than ever by allowing you to check dashboards for revenue, costs and commitments, time entry, electronic signatures and more from any mobile device or tablet.

Replaces Disconnected Solutions

Your goal is to grow your construction business, but that's difficult when your accounting, customer management and reporting are disconnected. Workflows allow users to seamlessly navigate from one step to the next which reduces errors and eliminates duplicate data entry. Acumatica Construction Edition keeps your business connected – and growing – by giving you one integrated solution to improve margins and manage control at all stages of a project.

How Can Alliance Solutions Group Help?

Acumatica is the leading innovator in cloud financial systems. As construction and real estate software experts – and an Acumatica partner – there’s no one more qualified to help you integrate Acumatica Construction Edition. We make implementing and harnessing the power of your software solution a seamless process that takes your business to the next level.

Contact us today to start the process of building your business in the cloud with Acumatica Construction Edition.

Section 179 tax deduction

Section 179 for 2018

It’s that time of the year again, when plans and investments are being finalized for 2019 and year-end budgets are under heavy scrutiny.

One item that’s most likely on your checklist (if it isn’t, it should be) is advanced depreciation with Section 179.  It grants you the ability to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and software purchased or financed this year. The result of accelerating the depreciation is that your net income for this year is lowered and you pay less in taxes. We all know that once you pay the tax bill, that money is most likely gone.

Do Your Homework to Make an Impact

“This has made a big difference for many companies, and for the economy in general. Businesses have used Section 179 to purchase needed equipment right now, instead of waiting. For most small businesses, the entire cost of qualifying equipment can be written-off on the 2018 tax return (up to $1,000,000).” –

While Section 179 has an impact on your federal taxes, note that many states don’t conform with the new rules. Be sure to research or check with your tax professional on state regulations if you are expecting this to apply to state taxes.

The Section 179 website is clearly written, and covers the vital details like bonus depreciation, which doesn’t apply ever year but will be relevant in 2018.

What is Section 179 All About?

Why is Section 179 even available? Isn’t the government losing out on tax revenue?
If you’re investing in your business by buying products from other businesses, that money counts as revenue for the company you are buying from and they have to pay taxes on that revenue.  It’s kind of like handing off the tax burden to the seller.

In the end, the benefit to your business today is that you get new equipment or software at a discount rolled into your due taxes instead of being directly included on the purchase agreement.

Why Alliance?

Investing in your business more than makes sense to set the standard for future growth. If you are planning to invest in software for your construction business, please contact Alliance Solutions Group. We represent multiple industry leading construction software solutions and are ready to help facilitate your growth.



5 Reasons to Upgrade to Acumatica Construction Edition

True cloud construction accounting and management software is here with Acumatica Construction Edition. In this 30 minute video, we review five reasons why you should consider it if you are looking to upgrade your construction accounting software.

Contact Alliance Solutions Group to learn more about Acumatica Construction Edition at 888.559.9540.

Recorded 9.19.2018

Alliance Solutions Group is a Top Acumatica Construction Partner serving Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and most of the U.S. from local offices throughout the country.

Get in touch and learn how Alliance Solutions Group can help you build a better business with Acumatica Construction Edition.

Accelerate your estimating process - 8 minute overview

In 8 minutes, see how two-way integration between eTakeoff Dimension and eTakeoff Bridge greatly speeds takeoff time, while enabling estimators to work with 2D and 3D drawings for accurate estimates in Sage Estimating.

Did you know that with eTakeoff, you can have multiple estimators working on the same drawings at same time?

Contact Alliance Solutions Group to accelerate your estimating process with Sage and eTakeoff at 888.559.9540.

Video courtesy of Sage - Aug, 2018

Sage Estimating SQL v18.11 Released

Sage just announced the release of Sage Estimating SQL v18.11 with increased functionality and new features for Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Estimating customers.

New Features

Unlimited Spreadsheet Sequences
Spreadsheet Sequences allow users to group items in a variety of ways on the Estimate spreadsheet. Now, estimators can have an unlimited number of Sequences allowing them to rearrange and analyze their estimate however they choose. View the estimate by CSI division & section, Master Format, Assembly, Estimator, Location, Job Cost Phase, WBS and more.

Shared Layouts
Spreadsheet and report layouts are no longer specific to individual Sequences and are universally available company wide. Estimators save valuable time because they don’t need to re-create the same Layout multiple times and can also share Layouts with other Estimators.

Unit Conversion
This feature replaces Metricon from the Pervasive version of Estimating. Users can now see both Imperial and Metric units on the same item in the estimate. Item and overline quantities/productivities and other changes are dynamically updated in both units simultaneously.

Quick Launch of Eos Navigator
This gives estimators extended options to manage estimate portfolios.
And Much More… including merge estimate refinements, additional spreadsheet columns, improved database developer tools, and continued ribbon enhancements.

For current Sage Estimating users, be sure to review the Release Notes before installing.

Sage 100 Contractor 2018 v21.1 Release

The release of Sage 100 Contractor 2018 v21.1 has begun to select customers. The plan is to roll it out to the balance of customers on support on June 21, 2018. Because of changes to entitlement, the notice includes the customer's Client ID and Registration name (needed after they install version 21).

What’s new in this version? Here are some highlights of version 21.1:

  • You can download transaction records from your bank and let Sage 100 Contractor automatically match them with transactions entered in your Sage 100 Contractor system.
  • You can search an entire takeoff, including multiple grids, as well as the displayed bid item and phase in the 9-5 Jobs window.
  • Sage implemented 17 of the product ideas suggested by customers on the Sage 100 Contractor Ideas site. (See “We’ve been listening to you!” in the Release Notes for a list of these enhancements.)  Also in the release notes are additional enhancements and fixes.

To view the highlights of this version in a short video, visit

For version 21, you must re-enter your Sage client ID and registration name in the License Administration window exactly as they appear in this notice.

Questions? Contact your Sage business partner, visit Sage City to join product discussions, search articles in the Sage Knowledgebase, or chat with an expert.