Acumatica Flex & Always Current
This was announced at the Acumatica Summit 2022! Acumatica is proud to announce the option for flexible updates and added integrations. With Acumatica Flex, customers will have flexibility for updates and security patches. Acumatica Flex allows updates to be optional and partner managed. The free 90-day sandbox is still available, one for each major update to troubleshoot prior to upgrade. It provides the flexibility for any customizations and ISV solutions that you have published in your site and are necessary to keep businesses running. Existing customers are automatically enrolled in the Acumatica Flex program and can Opt-In the Always Current Program.

The Always Current program allows the Acumatica system to be always up to date, and security patches are updated regularly. Acumatica managed upgrades are completed within 0-4 months of a new major release. Minor updates are automatically rolled out. These could be patches or security updates, or minor feature enhancements. In addition, a free 90-day sandbox will still be available and allow customers to test new updates and upgrades to ensure their system will function after the updates are completed. With Always Current, customizations should be low to no code customization packages, and ISV solutions are always current.

Below is an example of an ISV that is certified int the Always Current program. Please check your customizations on the Acumatica Marketplace to ensure they are certified prior to opting in to the Always Current program. Please call your Alliance Customer Service Manager with any questions.