2019 Acumatica Construction 2019 R2 Enhancements

Acumatica Construction Edition 2019 R2 enables contractors to benefit from the continued expansion of project management functionality by introducing Daily Field Reports, line level accounts receivable retainage and updates to existing and new reports. Additional features such as credit card expense tracking, and lien waiver automation will enable a smoother run operation. Many enhancements came as suggestions from customers, partners, and developers that were then vetted and selected through Focus Groups.

Construction Project Management

  • Company Credit Card Expense Receipts and Expense claims
    Now contractors can use corporate credit cards on the Expense Claim and Expense Receipt forms. This helps finance to categorize and track expenses, including expenses from employees using a corporate credit card for construction project expenses.
  • Lien Waiver Automation
    New lien waiver capabilities assist contractors with the monitoring and generation of lien waivers to avoid accidentally paying a vendor without release of the lien. This includes warnings and stop payment features and a more streamlined lien waiver generation workflow process.
  • Detailed Retainage Tracking
    This new feature allows users to track retainage at the line level on AR Invoices. Users can designate how much they want to release per project (project, task, cost code, and cost type). This expands the current invoice level capabilities.
  • Daily Field Reports
    To help make sure everyone is looking at the same information and that information has been transferred from the field to the office accurately, Daily Field Reporting (DFR) has been added. With the 2019 R2 release, Daily Reports will be comprised of several key components: Time Collection, Subcontractor Updates, Job Site Visitors, Issue and Change Request tracking, along with Job Site weather updates. These new capabilities will be followed by: Photo Logs, Change Orders, Material Receipts, Progress Updates, Equipment Usage, and Expense tracking.
  • Change Requests
    Provides the ability to notify the owner/customer with a change in scope. As the change could potentially impact existing cost and/or revenue budgets, Change Requests will allow users to track additions, deletions, or revisions to the project. Multiple requests can be selected for inclusion on the formal change order, providing two-tier change management. With ties to Project Issue and Request for Information entries, users have visibility into related activities.

New Construction Reports

  • Construction Bonding
    A new Project Bonding (Profitability) Report has been added, increasing the information available to share with outside parties, as well as providing internal visibility. The report will provide Earned Revenue, Billed to Date, Unbilled Contract Amounts, as well as Cost Incurred to Date, Calculated Cost at Completion, Current Period Costs/Billings, as well as prior year Billings and Costs.
  • Job Cost/Project Cost Transaction History Report
    Cost Detail Report provides a detail or summary report of project cost information for a selected date range. The report provides ‘Actual Costs’ incurred to a project, expanding the one project at a time view available within Project Transactions.
  • Project Budget Forecast
    A Project Budget Forecast by Month Report has been added to print information entered within Project Budget Forecast. Users specify an ending date, which is used to determine the prior six periods, and “beginning balance” dates. The report will print Original, Revised and Actual budgeted amounts (e.g. Quantity, Amount) for each period, totaling the category and subtotaling each period by Project Task. In addition, a Summary and Detail version is available.
  • Transaction History Reports
    Customer and Vendor Transaction History Reports are added to provide visibility into invoices, payments, adjustment, and other related activity. For date ranges entered, users can view detail or summary information, with additional filtering for specific customers/vendors/projects.
  • Project Cost Transaction History Report
    This new report provides actual cost information based on project, account group, cost code, and cost types.
  • Customer and Vendor Transaction History Reports
    This new Invoice History report shows customer/vendor invoices posted within a specified date range. The reports have a summary and detailed version. The summary report shows one line per invoice. The detailed report groups and subtotals transactions by invoice. It shows one line per posting date and transaction type. Transaction types include invoice entry, invoice adjustment, receipts/payments, and voids.

Field Service

Field Service has new features for contractors including usability enhancements to the Staff Board, the ability to manually apply discounts to service orders and appointments, and the capability to associate a project, project tasks and cost codes on the Service Contracts and Service Contract Schedule forms. The overall enhancements in the R2 Release are designed to further streamline contractors’ operations, run more successful projects and profitable growth.

  • Staff Calendar Board
    Updates to the Staff Calendar Board now show Monthly and Yearly view in an Outlook look and feel. Additionally, an agenda mode shows the scheduled appointments as a list making it easier to schedule appointments.
  • Support of Manual Discounts
    On the Service Orders and Appointments form the Discount Percent and Discount Amount columns have been added to the entry tabs providing more flexibility. Now users can manually specify line-level discounts (which are applied to each line of the document) in a service order or appointment.
  • Define a Default Cost Code by Service Order Type
    A default Cost Code can now be set by Service Order Type and when creating documents in the field service, if needed, the user can manually overwrite it at the detail line level.
  • Define a Default Service Order Type by User Preferences
    The software can now be configured to set up a default Service Order Type by User, that if specified, will have priority from the default Service Order Type, set on the field service preferences. In a scenario where a company has multiple field service departments and each department has an assigned Service Order Type, each department manager can now be responsible for creating and scheduling Service Orders and Appointments for his/her department.
  • Asking for Service Order Type When Creating Appointments from the Calendar Boards Based on a User preferences setting
    Depending on user preferences, when creating appointments from the calendar boards, the user can now select the service order type for the created appointment greatly streamlining the process.
  • Associating a Project, Project Tasks and Cost Codes, on the Service Contracts and Service Contract Schedule forms
    The Service Contract form allows users to create service agreements by defining the terms of the work to be performed, including the scope of the work and the related fees. Now users can streamline their work by creating service contracts and schedules associated with a project and additionally define the task and cost code of each service to be performed.

Overall Enhancements

  • Pivot Table Dashboard Widget
    Pivot tables are tremendous time savers by letting users quickly summarize large amounts of data into useful reports. Now pivot tables can be displayed on Acumatica dashboards using the Pivot Table Widget.
  • Expense report receipts
    Expense report receipts can now be autogenerated from images.
  • Worldwide SMS Support
    Users can receive mobile text notifications (SMS) of business events without requiring the Acumatica mobile app to be installed on the recipient’s device.
  • Conditional Formatting
    There is an option of specifying the style of rows or columns, including the use of formulas with dashboard table widgets.

Download the 2019 Construction R2 Enhancements Brief

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