survey1580 construction businesses participated in the survey and the results are in the AGC and Sage 2016 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook.  In 2016, contractors are optimistic. For the most part, construction firms plan to increase employees. The challenge will be finding qualified workers. This was a concern in last year’s report.

An alternative to the lack of qualified labor is to find ways to do more with current staff.  Investing in IT is one way to improve productivity. 42% of construction firms surveys will spend 1% or more of revenue on IT. This is up 10% from last year. Here are some additional observations related to IT:

  • 69% of construction businesses outsource some or all of their IT
  • Adoption of cloud-based software to increase the speed of communication to resolve issues faster
  • 6 out of 10 firms use or plan to use cloud technology

The fastest growing category of cloud-based software adoption is with collaboration systems. 40% of those surveyed have adopted some type on online collaboration software.

Listen to the full recording of the call and download all the survey results here

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